All Dickinson businesses are encouraged to include the Shop Local logo with their marketing. To get your copy, click the red download link.

Benefits of Shopping Local – 

Job Creation – When a small business opens its doors for business they create jobs many of which pay well. Well paying jobs create more disposable income for people to use within the community. 

Creates local partnerships – By supporting our local businesses we create lasting partnerships in which businesses owners feel connected and committed to the community. Many times these local businesses donate to fundraisers, charity events, and so much more. 

Better for the environment – Local businesses tend to have less negative impact on the environment because they are often located in central business districts or in other existing retail areas and therefore require relatively little infrastructure investment. Additionally small businesses often carry more locally produced goods or are producers of local goods. Locally sourced products are better for the environment because less fossil fuels are used compared to shipping from out of the region or country.

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        In the last few years, boutiques rather online or storefront, have been popping up like crazy. Why are boutiques all the rage now? Well let’s start off with, what exactly is a boutique! Surprisingly, most people don’t know. The answer is simple, a boutique is a small specialized retail store with a smaller inventory and they are run by small business owners. Now, boutiques vary in what they sell ranging from pet accessories, baby items, to plus-size fashions. I’ll admit, the older I get the less appeal the mall has on me. Between the traffic, the parking, and the over abundance of other shoppers, going to the mall can be a big headache and more often than not, I leave with nothing.

        This is where boutiques come in. They are local, smaller, and they offer unique and trendy inventory that larger chains can’t keep up with. There’s nothing worse than showing up to work or an event and there are 4 other ladies with the exact dress on that you purchased from Macy’s. How dreadful. Boutiques are able to keep up with the latest trends and fashions and switch out the inventory more often. Along with that, boutique owners love interacting with their customers and receive feedback from them on items they would love to be sold at their local clothing shop.

        You’d be amazed at the relationships that are formed when shopping local. Many of my customers at Sassy Class Boutique come in to shop, but they stay for conversation, wine, and sisterly advice. Your local boutique owners quickly become your friends. With less foot traffic than places such as Dillard’s, it is easier for owners to converse, laugh, and create bonds with their customers. Oh how I’m missing those things right about now.
        There are so many benefits for endorsing your local boutiques. One of the best is supporting someone’s dream. As an added bonus, you’ll be a trendsetter wherever you go. Ra’Keisha Holman-Owens – Owner of Sassy Class Boutique