This program was created to help local Dickinson Chamber Members while supporting both Dickinson ISD and the Dickinson Chamber.

Ads cost $115/month for 12 months.  See below for details.

Updated 6.1.17

Hello Dickinson Chamber Members,

The Chamber is EXCITED to announce a new program that we’ve been working on for some time and we are now ready to present it EXCLUSIVELY to our Chamber Members!

The Dickinson Chamber has teamed up with the Dickinson Independent School District to provide advertising opportunities to our local Dickinson Businesses who are Chamber Members.  Specifically, we have joined with DISD to provide advertising on the DISD school Buses. The advertisement consists of an approx. 76” wide by 28”’ high adhesive sign, that is placed on the back driver side of the bus.  Click Here to see an example.

This advertisement is only available to Dickinson Chamber Members.  After months of research, the board has voted on a rate as follows:

  • 12 month program (1 sign on 1 bus) at $115/month (billed quarterly) + 100 set up/print/install fee.  
  • If you purchase 5 to 9 signs/buses, you receive a 5% discount (does not include set up fee)
  • If you purchase 10 or more signs (on 10 or more buses), you receive a 10% discount (does not include set up fee)
  • If you pay in full up front, you receive a 4% discount (does not include set up fee)
  • The $100 sign fee is to print and install one sign on one bus.

In contacting other school districts that have similar programs, we have learned some things…

  • Other districts are often splitting their profits with an advertising company that is managing the sales.  The Chamber and DISD are working together to keep all profits local. The Chamber is managing the sales, using local Dickinson companies to install the sign and manage the billing, and the profits go to both the School District and the Chamber.
  • This program is the least expensive program when compared to other school districts.  Paid up front, including install, a full year is $1,425. Other districts cost as much as a $2,600 or more a year.
  • The other school programs have been very successful, and many are completely full, with advertisers waiting in line.  We expect the same thing to happen to our buses very quickly, creating a source of funds to both DISD and the Chamber.

If you are interested in purchasing advertising for your company, please let us know.  We are now taking orders. I’ve attached a brochure that gives additional info about the program.  Click Here for a brochure

Thank you,

Robert M. Bragg

Dickinson Chamber of Commerce

Secretary of The Board

Chamber Ph#: 832.534.2583

Robert Ph#:  832.534.0625