Left to right: John Mitchiner, Dawn King, Tami Steambarge, Mike File, Robert Bragg.

Community leaders founded our Chamber……

and it has promoted strong business and community activism since opening its doors. The Chamber is its membership. Helping our members excel is our highest priority. As an organization, we ensure our members have a voice in education, government, and the community. The Chamber works every day to ensure that Dickinson becomes a better place to live and work. That is a goal that is evident in all of the events we hold, all of the projects we have created and support, and in the way we value our members. In talking about what the Chamber is, it is important to note what the Chamber is not: it is not a government agency, a branch of City Hall, nor a State or Federal organization. A volunteer Board of Directors, each nominated by membership, leads the Chamber. The members are businesses, individuals and organizations with a desire to improve their business and meet other business and community leaders actively working to see improvements across all of Dickinson – improvements that lends to the success of all.

Mission Statement

The Dickinson Chamber of Commerce advocates a strong economic and business environment and serves as a platform through which our members and the entire business community can thrive.

Vision Statement

To be the driving force in the development of commerce and to improve the quality of life in the City of Dickinson and surrounding areas.

Our Values

Communication: The Chamber uses professional communication methods internally and externally at suitable times.

Continuous Improvement: The Chamber strives for continuous improvement of organizational operations and programs and services.

Customer Service: The Chamber provides impeccable customer service to all stakeholders.

Diversity: The Chamber ensures our membership, board, staff, committees, and programming is representative of the diversity that exists within our community.   

Employee Development: The Chamber is committed to offering educational opportunities to all staff members.

Financial Stability: The Chamber makes wise financial decisions to ensure future stability.

Innovation: The Chamber values and encourages new ideas and creative thinking.

Integrity: The Chamber conducts all business with honesty and integrity.

Leadership: The Chamber provides leadership that transcends our membership and impacts the direction of the community.

Relevance: The Chamber offers programs and services that are relevant to our members and the larger business community.

Results: The Chamber membership and business community sees measurable results from our programs, services, and activities.

Teamwork: The Chamber cultivates a culture of teamwork to accomplish goals and objectives.